1. Does it have to be installed on level ground?
If the ground is not level, the carport will be installed AS-IS and not covered for workmanship or material defects.

2. Do I need a building permit?
It is the customers responsibility to inquire with the local authorities and obtain a permit if needed.


3. Do I need to have the utilities marked?
Yes, the customer needs to contact the local utility companies and have them mark the location where the carport is to be installed.

4. Can I install it myself?
Yes, but installation is included at no charge in the price, and will not be discounted if you choose to install it yourself.

5. Are there any hidden fees?
No, the price includes the materials, delivery, installation, and taxes.

6. How long will it take to receive my carport?
Carports are usually delivered within 4 weeks. They often come sooner so make sure you are prepared when you place the order. Also, as no one can control the weather, delays are possible.

7. How will I know when the installation crew is coming?
You will be called a few days prior to their arrival to confirm that someone can be around.

8. What’s the difference between 14 gauge and 12 gauge?
Gauge is a measure of thickness in metals. 12 gauge is
thicker and thus stronger and longer lasting than 14 gauge. This is reflected in the increase ost of the 12 gauge.